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Apex Trading Company is an acclaimed Exporters, Importers and Merchant of the Medicinal Herbs, Spices, Shellac and Herbal Extracts as detailed below.
Rubia Cordifolia,Senna Leaves,Withania Somnifera,Other Medicinal Herbs,Indian Spices,Seedlac & Shellac


Our Endeavors

We believe in rejuvenating the benefits of ancient herbs and medicines, for relieving several health problems. The ancient medicinal herbs and herbal extracts have found numerous applications and benefits in health care, cosmetics, food, personal care and several other areas.

Our objective is to bring forth, handle and market a spectrum of herbs and medicinal extracts in their natural form, so that the benefits of nature can be carried forward to the next generation.

We are Apex Trading Company, established with a belief to carry forward the benefits of natural herbs to the next level. Ever since the year 1976, we have been actively engaged in EXIM business of beneficial medicinal herbs and extracts. Medicinal herbs are well known, worldwide & have found effective usage in daily life.

Unlike modern pharmaceutical products, Ayurveda offers an authentic formula that is in natural balance. These herbal extracts enlighten the spirits, provides healing benefits, maintains the body & mind balance and eliminate toxics.

With our unwavering commitment & expertise in the Ayurveda, we assure best quality exports, worldwide. We possess intimate knowledge in sourcing & availability of the medicinal herbs. Our capability in this regard is well reflected in suppling required quantities within stipulated time. With our business associations with leading international logistics & cargo companies, we have garnered an epitome in the EXIM business.


We Offer

We have efficiently researched the best quality ancient medicinal herbs for production of herbal extracts and medicines. We have sourced a healing combination of ancient tradition that meet distinct needs for effective, yet natural remedies. At apex, Ayurveda is a commitment, a way of life. We deal in:



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