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Exporting and supplying  of Indian Senna Leaves and other herbs like acacia concinna, acorus calamus, linn, Senna Leaves, Senna Leaves, Senna Stems, natural henna, psyllium husk, Senna Leaves .

We have our own packing unit for making compressed bales of different Senna products.

Packing unit for Senna

Packing unit for Senna

Compressing unit for Senna

Compressed Bales of Senna Leaves Net Wt.100 Kgs

Compressed Bales of Senna Leaves Net Wt.160 Kgs

Senna Leaves Powder net Wt. 20 Kgs

Senna 50 KG BALES

Senna 80 KG BALES


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